I make moves and create shows.

I am an actor and yoga teacher.

Creativity and health. Process not product. Study through practice. That’s the work.



I am a founding member of ANIMALS and have performed with artists and theater companies such as Jim Findlay, Nellie Tinder, Hoi Polloi, Half Straddle, Katherine Brook/TELE-VIOLET, Witness Relocation, Eliza Bent + Dave Malloy, Spellbound Theater, William Burke, Normandy Sherwood/The Drunkard’s Wife, and The National Asian American Theater Company. It’s been a great pleasure to film with Eva Von Schweinitz, Reverse Shot, and Julia Thompson. With ANIMALS I am the recipient of the 2012 Tom Murrin Award and have been presented at Fresh Ground Pepper, CATCH, Prelude, as part of Target Margin Theater's Gertrude Stein Lab, and Under the Radar's Incoming Series. I have received training from People's Improv Theater; The Patravadi Theatre and Theater Mitu in Thailand; Traditional Dance and Wayang Kulit in Bali, Indonesia. 



Certified though Jaya Yoga Center’s 500-hour teacher training program and a graduate of New York University’s Experimental Theater Wing, I have studied the relationship between movement and soul my entire life. Classes and sessions are influenced by my training in the Preforming Arts, Aikido + Zen meditation, and Ayurvedic studies.

I offer alignment-based Vinyasa classes specializing in hands-on adjustments from Basic to Open levels, as well as Gentle, and Restorative with Reiki treatment. Together, we deconstruct, develop, and reintegrate the asana for each person with emphasis on process, never product.


Body and breath are simply starting points, a place to play, create awareness and personal agency; an opening into ever-expanding potential.